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About Us 

To understand our commitment to customers, you need to first learn all about Medi-Rub Corporation. The company was founded by Yolanda Holly in 1976. Working with the finest engineers, most influential doctors, leading podiatrists, and chiropractors specializing in foot and body pain relief, we developed the Medi-Rub® world's leading foot and body massagers.

The massagers are quiet, superbly engineered, and draw less than one amp of electricity. Although originally intended for people who have diabetes, the need for Medi-Rub® massagers is now universal.

Today, Medi-Rub® massagers are used in hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, and of course, in the homes of millions of consumers. They are sold by our distributors worldwide at over 500 trade shows annually.

These American-made products, manufactured at Medi-Rub's headquarters in Lake Elsinore, California, are shipped to countries as diverse as Australia, Russia, Brazil, and South Africa. Medi-Rub® Massagers have been featured on HGTV, "The Price Is Right," and "Designing Spaces TV" as well as in the celebrity GBK Gift Suites of the Oscars, Emmy's, Golden Globes, and Directors Guild Awards.

Man Holding a Body Massager

The success and growth that Medi-Rub® has enjoyed in the past three decades stem from maintaining the highest manufacturing, quality standards, and new technology available to us today.

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